Chapter Officers, Fall 2015

High Zeta members are elected on an annual or semi-annual basis, depending on the office, except for the High Pi, who is appointed by the Grand High Pi. Officers for the current semester are listed below. For alumni officers, see the ISWZA Board of Directors page.

High Zeta and Executive Committee of the Active Chapter
Office Title Name Contact
High Zeta
President High Alpha Bryan Harriott bwh58
Vice President High Beta David Glazer dng29
Philanthropy Chair High Theta Tim Krausz tak56
Secretary High Gamma Chase Johnson csj53
Treasurer High Tau Jason Weinberg jdw283
Risk Manager High Iota Andy Biondi aab257
Fraternity Educators High Kappa

Richie Ibsen

Reece Anderson



Rush Chair High Delta Max Murray mlm377
Ritualist High Phi Patrick Russell prr43
Scholarship Chair High Sigma Matt Kim msk245
Social Chairs High Epsilons Clayton Michael cbm87
Andrew Matthews atm63
Alumni Chair High Rho Nikita Dubnov nd296
House Manager “Mu” Pat Spoth pcs226
Steward Sam Marchildon spm249
Athletics Chairman “Jock”
Alumni Advisor High Pi Ben Figoten '10 bzf2
Executive Committee
Chancellor High Pi  
President High Alpha
Treasurer High Tau
Alternate Representative
Vice President (ex-officio) High Beta
House Manager (ex-officio) “Mu”

We Are Omicron Zeta of ΛΧΑ

The Cornell University chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has represented true brotherhood on the Hill since 1913.
We bring together our rich local traditions with the strength of one of the largest national fraternities. We live our open motto, Vir Quisque VirEvery Man a Man.
Find us at Edgemoor, our newly renovated house on Cascadilla Gorge, at 125 Edgemoor Lane, Ithaca, New York 14850.