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Volunteer Certification

In accordance with Lambda Chi Alpha national guidelines, at-large directors of ISWZA Fraternity and other core volunteers complete a volunteer certification process with the national fraternity. The goals are two-fold: to ensure that volunteers are aware of the policies, procedures, and direction of Lambda Chi Alpha, and to provide basic screening of candidates. There are three items to complete:

  1. Online Affirmation – A pledge on behalf of the alumnus that he has read and will adhere to the policies and procedures of Lambda Chi Alpha.
  2. Self-Disclosure – A profile detailing the experience of the applicant inside and outside ΛXA
  3. Background Check – Third-party background check from Validity Screening Solutions

All three can be completed through the online Lambda Chi Alpha Volunteer Application.

The High Pi is appointed by the Grand High Pi. Omicron nominees should complete the application for review:

We Are Omicron Zeta of ΛΧΑ

The Cornell University chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has represented true brotherhood on the Hill since 1913.
We bring together our rich local traditions with the strength of one of the largest national fraternities. We live our open motto, Vir Quisque VirEvery Man a Man.
Find us at Edgemoor, our newly renovated house on Cascadilla Gorge, at 125 Edgemoor Lane, Ithaca, New York 14850.