Dedicated Service Recognition

The brothers of Omicron Zeta are in debt to alumni across the generations who have devoted their time and talents to the betterment of the fraternity. Some of our most devoted alumni were initiated at other schools, and we are thankful to those chapters for lending us your brothers, who have shown true fraternalism between as well as within the Zetas.

To nominate a brother for consideration for an award, please contact Mark Fernau ’82 or Jason Cho ’98.

Order of Merit

The Order of Merit, Lambda Chi Alpha’s highest honor, recognizes alumni who have given a lifetime of service, especially to their chapters.

  • † Leon M. Brockway ’08
  • † Dr. Edward F. Hall (Auburn) ’24

Grand High Zeta and Board of Councilors

Brothers who have served on the international board of directors, the Grand High Zeta, oversee the General Fraternity’s vision and strategy.

  • † Ernst J.C. Fischer ’10
  • † Rev. S. George “Doc” Dirghalli (Florida) ’50
  • Dr. Ralph V. Wilhelm ’67

McKinless Award

The McKinless Award, established in 1984 as the Omicron Award, is the highest honor the Omicron Alumni Association bestows upon its members for dedicated service to the chapter. Its recipients have demonstrated lifelong, significant and meritorious contributions to the upbuilding of the fraternity.

It was revived in 2015 to honor Bob McKinless ’48 and his more than a half century of devoted service to Omicron Zeta and to Cornell as a volunteer, director, officer, advisor, and above all, a true brother.

  • 1984 · Robert F. McKinless ’48 (as Omicron Award)
  • 1988 · Henry B. McNulty ’69 (as Omicron Award)
  • 2015 · Douglas E. Levens ’92

Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes brothers for notable service to ISWZA and the Omicron Alumni Association.

  • † L.M. Brockway ’08
  • † Edward F. Hall (Auburn) ’24
  • † Francis H. Schaefer, Jr. ’29
  • Robert F. McKinless ’48
  • John C. “Duke” Schneider ’58
  • Stephen B. Ashley ’62
  • Ralph V. Wilhelm, Jr. ’67
  • Henry McNulty ’69
  • Robert G. Woodworth ’71
  • Joseph P. Willis III ’72
  • Richard F. Brady ’73
  • Robert Seiple ’75
  • Mark V. Hallock ’79
  • Jason J. Cho ’98
  • John F. Zelenka ’03

Honorary Directors of ISWZA

Brothers who have served ten or more years on the ISWZA Board of Directors are invited to remain on as honorary directors, to provide their invaluable institutional knowledge and long-term perspective.

  • † Francis H. Schaefer, Jr. ’29
  • Robert F. McKinless ’48
  • † Ed Moore ’48
  • John C. “Duke” Schneider ’58
  • Stephen B. Ashley ’62
  • Henry McNulty ’69
  • William L. Meli ’70
  • Robert G. Woodworth ’71
  • Richard F. Brady ’73
  • Randy Rosenberg '74
  • John S. Czelusniak '75
  • Robert A. Seiple ’75
  • Andre P. Martecchini ’78
  • Richard A. Meigs ’80
  • Michael L. Agostin ’92

Alumni Presidents

See Presidents of the Omicron Alumni Association for a listing.