By-Laws of the Academic Chapter of Omicron Zeta of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

Revision of 1997

Article I: Name

Section 1.

This Body shall be known and designated as the Academic (or Active) Chapter of Omicron Zeta of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity at Cornell University.

Article II: Objects

Section 1.

The objects of this Chapter shall be as follows:

  • First: To maintain at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, an undergraduate, non-profit unit of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity in accordance with its ideals, standards, traditions, and laws, as set forth in its Ritual, Constitution, Statutory Code, and the authorized rulings and orders of its general officers.
  • Second: To enhance the membership ideals, fraternal spirit, operational technology, and physical equipment of Omicron Zeta so that affiliation with it shall ever be regarded as an honor and privilege.
  • Third: To foster a spirit of genuine brotherhood among its members, to make welcome within its home all initiates in good standing with other Zetas who may visit it, to increase the friendly bond between chapters, to develop a universal consciousness of fraternalism in Lambda Chi Alpha, and to emphasize that its badge and Ritual are sacred, that membership is for life, and that its brotherhood is universal within its membership.
  • Fourth: To encourage superior scholarship among its members; to encourage active participation in worthwhile extracurricular activities; to actively support all worthwhile campus activities in the best interests of the Fraternity and the Universty.

Article III: Laws

Section 1.

This Chapter will be governed by the following laws:

  • First: Ritual of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
  • Second: Constitution of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
  • Third: Statutory Code of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
  • Fourth: Orders of the Grand High Zeta
  • Fifth: Chapter By-Laws
  • Sixth: Chapter Minutes.

Article IV: Meetings

Section 1. Regular Meetings.

Regular meetings shall be called weekly during the academic year, at such time and place as the High Alpha shall designate. Upon suggestion of the High Alpha, with the concurrence of the High Zeta, a regular meeting may be canceled, but in a given month here must be at least two regular meetings separated by not more than two weeks.

Section 2. Special Meetings.

Special meetings shall be called by the ranking officer in case of necessity. A special meeting shall be called upon the signed petition of ten or more members. Action taken by a special meeting shall be binding on the chapter only provided notice thereof is posted on the Chapter bulletin board and/or the Chapter electronic mailing list at least forty-eight hours prior thereto. Such notice may be waived if three-fourths of the chapter are present and consent by a majority vote.

Section 3. Quorum.

A majority of the active members and associate members in good standing with the Academic Chapter shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the Chapter.

Section 4. Admission to Meeting Chamber.

Brothers and associate members in good standing with the Academic and Non-Academic Chapters of Omicron Zeta and members and associate members of the Grand High Zeta or their official representatives may attend business meetings without examination, except as to their identity when necessary. Members of other Zetas of Lambda Chi Alpha and other persons may attend by invitation only. Members and associate members not in good standing may attend only at the request of the Executive Committee.

Section 5. Compulsory Attendance.

Attendance at regular and special meetings shall be compulsory on all members and associate members except as hereinafter provided. Written excuses for absences shall be presented to the High Gamma prior to the time of the meeting. Graduate members are not required to attend.

Section 6. Franchise.

Academic sustaining members and associate members in good standing with this chapter and affiliated members of similar standing are entitled to vote in this Chapter. Honorary members are not allowed to vote, but their advice and suggestions are always welcome. Graduate members who have paid their past and current chapter dues are entitled to vote.

Section 7. Actions.

Unless otherwise specified, a majority vote shall be ample for any action of this body. Majority shall be defined as greater than half of the Academic Chapter-sustaining members (including associate members) present and voting at any properly called meeting. A two-thirds vote shall be required to repeal or rescind any action of the Chapter or any order of the Executive Committee.

Section 8. Meeting Decorum.

Disorder in a regular or special meeting will not be tolerated. No levity or conduct not in strict keeping with the spirit of gravity of the rites of the Fraternity will be countenanced.

Section 9. Standing Rules.

Robert's Rules of Order in the absence of any other rules will govern the conduct of meetings of this Chapter. The following additional rules will also be enforced:

  1. A member shall be addressed as Brother/A.M. . . .
  2. Officers will be addressed by their non-ritualistic titles (Brother High Alpha, etc.).
  3. At the request of the High Gamma, motions will be presented in written form.
  4. Financial motions will be automatically tabled for one week.
  5. All financial motions will have an upper limit specified in writing.
  6. The High Alpha is empowered to eject any member engaging in disorderly conduct from the meeting, provided he first gives said member a warning.


Section 10. Order of Business.

The following shall be the Order of Business in regular business meetings:

  1. Call to Order.
  2. Reading of the roll.
  3. Reading of the communications.
  4. Report of officers by rank: Α,Β,Θ,Γ,Τ,Ι,Κ,Δ,Φ,Σ,Ε,Ρ,M,S,J, and other officers or standing committees.
  5. Report of special committees.
  6. Unfinished business.
  7. New business.
  8. Nipplehead.
  9. Brothers of the Week.
  10. Good and Welfare.

Article V: Officers

Section 1. Elective offices.

The elective officers known as the High Zeta of Omicron Zeta shall be known as follows:

Letter Title Position
Α High Alpha President
Β High Beta Vice President
Θ High Theta Philanthropy Chairman
Γ High Gamma Secretary
Τ High Tau Treasurer
Ι High Iota Risk manager
Κ High Kappa Fraternity Educator
Δ High Delta Rush Chairman
Φ High Phi Ritualist
Σ High Sigma Scholarship Chairman
Ε High Epsilon Social Chairman
Ρ High Rho Alumni Secretary
M Mu House Manager
S Steward
J Jock Athletic Manager
Π High Pi Alumni Advisor and Chancellor.

Section 2. Appointive Offices

The elective officers of Omicron Zeta shall include the following:

  1. Officers appointed by the High Alpha.
    The following officers may be appointed by the High Alpha for terms designated by the High Alpha:
    1. Representative to the InterFraternity Council, with such responsibilities as hereafter elucidated.
    2. Sergeant-at-Arms, to enforce decorum at meetings.
    3. Cross and Crescent Correspondent, to send materials to the Cross and Crescent.
  2. Officers appointed by the High Gamma.
    The High Gamma may appoint, with High Zeta approval, for a term designated by the High Gamma, a Chapter Historian who shall be responsible for maintaining the permanent records of the chapter.
  3. Officers appointed by the High Tau.
    The High Tau may appoint, with High Zeta approval, for the term of office of the treasurer, an assistant treasurer who shall be responsible for tasks delegated by the High Tau.
  4. Officers appointed by the High Iota
    The following officers may be appointed by the High Iota, with High Zeta approval, for the term of office of the High Iota:
    1. Representative to the Social Responsibility Committee of the joint Greek Councils of Cornell University, with such responsibilities as hereinafter elucidated.
    2. Fire Marshal, who shall oversee the chapter's fire safety programs.
  5. Officers appointed by the Steward.
    The Steward shall appoint an Assistant Steward in charge of the wait program.

Section 3. Election to Office.

The Α,Β,Γ,Τ,Ι,Δ,Σ,Ε,Ρ,M,S, and J shall be elected at the end of the fall semester and shall take office at the beginning of the spring semester. The Β,Θ,Γ,Ι,Κ,Φ,Σ,Ε,Ρ,M,S, and J shall be elected at the end of the spring semester and shall take office at the beginning of the fall semester. No member shall hold more than one office of the High Zeta at the same time. A majority vote of those present is required for election. In the event of no one receiving a majority vote on any one balloting, the name(s) receiving the lowest number shall be discarded and another vote taken. Persons so eliminated at any vote may vote in the run-off election(s). Officers shall be installed in accordance with the Installation Ceremony of the Ritual.

Section 4. Qualification for Office.

No nominee for office shall be voted upon or hold authority unless he is an active member in good standing, and holds at least a 2.25 cumulative average. Candidates for High Kappa and High Phi shall be members in good standing who have gone through the initiation process as brothers. The other elected officers must be at least sophomores at the time of assuming their office. The High Alpha, High Tau, High Delta, High Kappa, High Epsilon, House Manager, and Steward must live in the Chapter House.

Section 5. Term of office.

The following officers shall serve for one year terms: High Alpha, Philanthropy Chairman, High Tau, High Kappa, High Delta, and High Phi. The following officers shall serve for one semester: High Beta, High Gamma, High Sigma, High Epsilon, High Rho, Mu, Steward, and Jock. The High Pi shall serve for two years. Unexpired terms shall be filled by election as soon as possible following the creation of the vacancy.

Article VI: Executive Committee

Section 1. Composition.

The High Alpha, High Pi, High Tau, two voting representatives, and one alternate representative, of which at least half of the undergraduate members shall live in the chapter house, shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Committee shall be chaired by the High Alpha and shall have such powers and duties as designated by the laws of the General Fraternity and of Omicron Zeta.

Section 2. Election of Representatives.

The voting and alternate representatives shall be elected to one-semester terms from within the active membership of Omicron Zeta. Each brother shall cast up to three votes for Executive Committee Representatives; the candidates receiving the two highest vote tallies shall be the voting representatives, and the candidate receiving the third highest vote tally shall be the alternate representative. No one may hold more than one voting position on the Committee.

Section 3. Procedures.

The Executive Committee shall meet not less than twice monthly during the academic year to conduct its business, and shall designate one of its members to keep minutes of its proceedings. The alternate representative shall exercise full voting privileges only in the absence of any voting member of the Committee. The High Beta and House Manager shall be ex-officio members of the Committee without a vote unless they shall also have been elected to the Committee as a voting or alternate representative.

Section 4. Powers Limited.

Motions, dismissals, penalties, or other actions of the Executive Committee, excepting automatic disciplinary or other procedures established by the Laws of the Fraternity, may be annulled if two thirds of the brotherhood present and voting at any regular or special meeting of the chapter vote to do so.

Article VII: Representatives

Section 1. General Assembly and Leadership Seminar Delegates

  1. Official Delegate.
    The Official Delegate to the Fraternity General Assembly and/or Leadership Seminar, who shall be either a junior or a senior in the coming academic year, shall be voted upon by the chapter. The Duties of the Official Delegate shall be as follows:
    1. He shall represent the Chapter at the General Assembly, attending all business meetings and social affairs, voting as instructed by the Chapter on all issues, and performing to the best of his abilities any special tasks assigned to him.
    2. He shall report fully on action taken by the Assembly at the first regular meeting following the Assembly.
  2. Leadership Development Delegate.
    The Chapter shall select by vote, at the same time as the selection of the Official Delegate, a Leadership Development Delegate, who shall not be a graduating senior in the coming academic year. The duties of the Leadership Development Delegate shall be as follows:
    1. He shall attend all events at the General Assembly or Leadership Seminar for which he is qualified, performing to the best of his ability any special tasks assigned to him.
    2. He shall function as the Official Delegate if the Official Delegate cannot attend.

Section 2. Interfraternity Council Representative.

The Interfraternity Council Representative shall be the High Alpha or a duly appointed designee. His duties shall be as follows:

  1. He shall attend meetings of the Presidents Council of the Cornell Interfraternity Council.
  2. He shall serve as spokesman for the Chapter in the Interfraternity Council.
  3. He shall report on action taken by the Council at the following regular meeting.

Section 3. Social Responsibility Committee Representative.

The SRC (Social Responsibility Committee) Representative shall be the High Iota or a duly appointed designee. His duties shall be as follows:

  1. He shall attend to the obligations established for the SRC Representative by that body or the joint Greek councils.
  2. He shall serve as spokesman for the Chapter at meetings of the SRC and report on any actions or proceedings thereof which may concern the Academic Chapter.

Article VIII: Committees

Section 1. Standing Committees.

The following committees shall be standing committees and shall meet at least once each month during the academic year. Standing committees, except the Executive Committee, shall be organized by the High Beta. With High Zeta approval, the High Beta may divide any committee into narrower areas of jurisdiction.

  1. Executive Committee, of which at least one half of the members shall live in the chapter house.
  2. Committee on Brotherhood involvement chaired jointly by the High Beta and Philanthropy Chairman, and which shall also include the Jock.
  3. Membership Development Committee, Chaired jointly by the High Delta and High Epsilon.
  4. Fraternity Education Committee chaired jointly by the High Kappa and the High Phi, and which shall also include the High Sigma.
  5. Internal Operations Committee chaired jointly by the House Manager and Steward, and which shall also include the High Gamma and High Iota.

Section 2. Special Committees.

The following committees shall be ad hoc committees, which shall meet as deemed necessary by their respective chairmen:

  1. Homecoming Committee, chaired by the High Rho and which shall also include the High Alpha, High Pi, High Tau, House Manager, and Steward.
  2. Separate committee meetings called by the High Kappa and High Phi during preparations for Rituals and related events.
  3. Such additional committees as may be created by action of the High Zeta.

Section 3. Participation in Committees.

Every active member, to be in good standing, is required to be a member of two committees. Every associate member, to be in good standing, is required to be a member of one committee. Officers who chair a committee shall be a member at least one committee in addition to their own.

Section 4. Record of Committee Activities.

A record shall be kept by the above named committees recording all activities during the chairman's tenure of office.

Article IX: Membership

Section 1. Basic Requirements.

The requirements for membership shall be as stated in the Constitution and Statutory Code of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Architecture or other undergraduate students in their fifth year have the status of graduate students and shall not be required to pay active dues. Members with graduate status do not have a vote in Chapter meetings unless they pay all local Chapter dues.

Section 2. Associate Members.

Associate Members shall be governed by the following rules:

  1. They shall be under the direct supervision of the High Kappa.
  2. They shall eat all meals at the Chapter House unless special conditions make this impossible and are approved by the Executive Committee.
  3. They shall attend all regular associate meetings unless excused by the High Kappa.
  4. They shall be required to live in the Chapter house during their first semester as a Brother.

Section 3. Exemptions from Financial Obligations.

Payment of house bills shall be enforced by the Executive Committee. Those members desiring to live outside of the Chapter house or seeking exemption from the chapter meal plan may do so at the discretion of the Executive Committee, provided that a full house is anticipated.

Section 4. Transfer of Affiliation from Other Zetas.

Members of other Zetas becoming students or instructors at Cornell University may affiliate with this Zeta and thereby receive all the rights of membership therein, provided:

  1. They are able to present an official transfer certificate, properly signed by the High Alpha and High Tau of their Initiating Zeta or that which they were most recently affiliated.
  2. They assume their share of the financial support of the Zeta.
  3. They receive a three-fourths majority vote taken not earlier than 30 days after the transferee applies for affiliation.

Section 5. Voting on Candidates for Associate Membership.

A vote to extend a bid of membership may take place at any regularly scheduled rush meeting, providing the candidate has visited the house at least twice, and two thirds of those present have met him. A two-thirds majority vote will be required for a bid. If, before the time the rushee is actually handed his bid, ten percent of the active members but not less than three active members register negative votes (i.e. votes to see, dings) in an open rush meeting and explain their reasons for so doing, the bid will be nullified.

Section 6. Good Scholastic Standing Required.

At least a 2.25 cumulative average will be required for both association and initiation of prospective members. Any associate member who does not meet this requirement will not be initiated, and he will be excused from the normal associate member duties, although he will retain the status of associate member. No period of association will exceed 15 months.

Section 7. Announcement of Scheduled Initiation.

The time and day associate members are due at the Chapter house for initiation shall be announced by the High Phi not less than one month in advance of the scheduled date.

Section 8. Voting on Candidates for Initiation.

  1. Vote for Initiation.

    A vote for initiation may be taken at any meeting of the Active Chapter, provided a majority of the active initiated membership is present. A prospective initiate's name must be proposed by one active initiated member of the Active Chapter and the proposal seconded by another. The number of favorable votes to accept a prospective active member shall be 87% of those present. No member present can abstain.

    Where only the minimum number of unfavorable votes is cast, the member or members voting negatively, shall, upon request of any member, declare themselves and give reasons for so voting. A member voting unfavorably who under the above circumstances refuses to declare his reasons for voting negatively shall be regarded as having surrendered his original ballot as if he had voted favorably.

    If an insufficient number of favorable votes is cast on such final vote to accept a candidate, the vote will be treated as a motion for termination of associate membership.

    Not less than weeks prior to initiation, the High Alpha will conduct a vote for initiation on all associate members.

  2. Vote for Termination of Associate Membership.

    Associate membership may be terminated at any time by a vote of the initiated active membership present, provided the action on such motion lie on the table for one week prior to termination. The number of votes necessary to continue associate membership shall be the same as the number required by Section 8a to accept a prospective active member at the time of the vote for initiation.

    To renew the associate membership of a terminated candidate, there must be a motion to reconsider passed by simple majority of the members present within one week of termination or until the next general meeting of the active brotherhood, whichever is longer. Failure to reconsider results in termination at the end of the tabling period.

    The nature of the notification of the terminated associate member regarding his status after the tabling period will be determined by the High Alpha upon advice from the High Kappa and the rest of the active members.

Article X: Finance

Section 1. House Bills.

House bills will be issued twice per year through the Cornell University Office of the Bursar. Every member must sign a contract allowing this method of billing. House bills will include the following provisions:

  1. Room Rent. The amount of room rent will be set by the Alumni Corporation and the funds collected therefrom will be placed in a House Department Fund to be used for the operation and maintenance of the Chapter house, exclusive of kitchen and dining facilities.
  2. Board Bill. The rates of board will be set by Chapter enactment, and will include a minimum amount required to be eaten by all active live-in members and associate members. Exceptions to this provision may be granted by the Executive Committee. Funds collected from board bill will be deposited in a Chapter account to be used for the operation and maintenance of the kitchen and dining facilities.
  3. Parlor Fees.The costs of maintaining the social amenities of the chapter house, exclusive of kitchen and dining facilities, including but not limited to utilities and cleaning supplies for common areas, furnishings, laundry, chapter library, cable television, and house telephone, will be funded through house bills assumed by the active membership, including live-outs. Live-outs will be charged a flat parlor fee.
  4. Chapter and Social Dues.Chapter and Social Dues will be set by Chapter enactment, and will be deposited in to the Chapter account. All active members and associate members will pay Chapter dues.
  5. Reserve Fund.A reserve fund of $4.00 per month per active member and associate will be established separate from the department accounts. The reserve fund will be handled by the Alumni Association for the use of building up cash reserves of the Chapter.
  6. Payment.Bills shall be due on the day they are presented, and shall be in arrears after ten days. A fee of up to ten percent of the amount due to the Chapter, decided by the Executive Committee, is to be added on the unpaid balance beginning the eleventh day due. Suspension is in effect if any account is unpaid after thirty days unless the individual in arrears arranges a payment schedule to be approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 2. Transfer of Funds.

The High Tau shall inform the High Zeta whenever he transfers funds between departments, and shall be subject to overruling by the High Zeta.

Section 3. National Dues.

Active members will be billed twice per year for National Academic Dues, as specified in the General Fraternity Statutory Code.

Section 4. Accountant.

A certified Public Accountant shall be employed by the Chapter to oversee financial operations

Section 5. Budgets.

Budgets shall be submitted to the High Zeta for approval before the end of the first week of each semester by all High Zeta officers. The Executive Committee will then prepare a complete budget for the Chapter to be presented to the Chapter by the second regular meeting of the fall semester.

Section 6. Initiation Fee.

The Chapter initiation fee as well as the association fee, as determined by the General Assembly, shall be paid in advance. Initiation of those unable to pay their fees shall be delayed until they can pay. The initiation fee shall cover the following items:

  1. National Initiation fee.
  2. Plate at Founders Day Banquet.
  3. Rush Committee expenses for the following year.

Section 7. Publications.

Chapter publications shall be financed by ISWZA.

Section 8. Liquidity.

All members and associate members living in the Chapter house shall pay their May room rent on the first house bill of the Year. If they should graduate in January, this charge will be refunded. If they should leave school for any other reason, the money will be forfeited, except at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Article XI: Publications

Section 1. Official Chapter Publication.

The Chapter publication shall be known as the Omicron Oracle.

Section 2. Schedule.

The Omicron Oracle shall be issued not less than twice per school year.

Section 3. Content.

The contents of the Omicron Oracle shall be devoted exclusively to the interest of Omicron Zeta.

Section 4. Distribution.

The Omicron Oracle shall be sent to all alumni and affiliates of the Chapter, members of the Grand High Zeta, and administrative Officers of the General Fraternity, and to other Zetas.

Article XII: Penal Action

Section 1. Formal Disciplinary Hearings.

Any members may bring to the Executive Committee a complaint against another member or regarding a situation which warrants relief. Members shall be subject at all times to the provisions of the General Fraternity Constitution and Statutory Code, and may be disciplined according to its provisions.

Section 2. Fines.

The following Chapter officers will recommend to the Executive Committee that certain members be fined according to an announced schedule for the following offenses:

  1. The High Delta will recommend fines for missed rush functions.
  2. The High Phi will recommend fines for missed Initiation and initiation-related events.
  3. The High Gamma will recommend fines for unaccepted absences from Chapter meetings in excess of two per semester for live-in members and three per semester for live-outs. The recommended fines will be $2.00 initially and shall double for each subsequent absence.
  4. The Assistant Steward will recommend fines for missed waiting assignments. If a dinner wait is missed the penalty will be assignment of one extra wait for each waiter co-assigned to the wait missed. If a lunch wait is missed, the penalty shall be one extra waiting assignment.

Section 3. Other Penalties.

In lieu of fines, Chapter officers may designate an offense punishable by other lawful means to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee.

Article XIII: Amendments

Section 1. Suspension of the By-Laws.

In cases of extreme urgency, any provision of these By-Laws may be suspended for the period of one meeting if three-fourths of the quorum consent.

Section 2. Amendments to the By-Laws.

Proposed amendments to these By-Laws shall be submitted to the High Gamma. At the following regular meeting they shall be read and shall be tabled for a period of one week thereafter. A two-thirds vote of the quorum shall be required for amendment of the By-Laws. These By-Laws and any amendments thereto shall become effective by the Grand High Alpha and the Grand High Pi.

Section 3. Revision of By-Laws.

These By-Laws shall be revised every odd-numbered year.

Revised April 1997.
Jason J. Cho '98 O-1512, High Alpha
Rajiv R. Mashruwala '99 O-1548, High Gamma
Lloyd F. Kinnear III '86 O-1273, High Pi