Policy on Legacies

A Resolution to Adopt a Policy Regarding Legacies

Be It Resolved by the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, duly convened at the 1984 General Assembly, that the following policy be adopted:

Policy on Legacies

A “legacy” is defined, in the context of this policy, as “the relative of a member of the Fraternity in good standing.”

A Chapter should not assume that a legacy prospect will automatically accept an invitation to membership because of his relative’s membership in the Fraternity, nor should an individual automatically be entitled to membership on the basis of such a relationship. The Fraternity recognizes, however, that the most interested candidates for associate membership are often those who are legacies or who have been recommended for associate membership by alumni members. Although these persons should not be granted special privileges by the Chapter during the recruitment period, they should be given the utmost careful consideration and attention as prospective 

Where a legacy candidate or candidate recommended by an alumnus has been brought to the attention of the Chapter, the members have an obligation to introduce themselves to the candidate and to investigate the possibility of associating him. It is the responsibility of the alumnus to make sure the recommendation is in fact received by the Chapter and not merely by an individual. To effectively ensure this, it is recommended that the alumnus contact either the Chapter president or recruitment chairman, or to channel the recommendation through the Office of Administration for forwarding to the Chapter.

Letters of recommendation submitted to the Chapter by an alumnus on behalf of a prospective member should be courteously acknowledged by the recruitment chairman. It is then the responsibility of the recruitment chairman to notify the alumnus of the outcome of the 
recruitment period.