Proposal: Edgemoor on the Linn

Our house on Edgemoor Lane is 114 years old, and has been showing its age for many years. It was built for fraternal living in a different era, and has become increasingly difficult to keep up with modern safety and efficiency standards. We need to bring it up to date for the needs of today's Cornellians— without sacrificing its century-old charm and elegance.

This calls for a committed response from brothers of every generation to ensure that Lambda Chi Alpha continues its leadership role in its historic home on campus. The Campaign Committee has approved a substantial restoration project which is estimated to cost $2.4 million.

What Is Needed?

The approved proposal addresses all of our key objectives:

  1. Create a safer, more functional, and more comfortable home
  2. House and service a larger Brotherhood
  3. Retain the traditional Tudor exterior appearance
  4. Enhance the House’s view of Cascadilla Gorge

Proposed Infrastructure Improvements

Included in the infrastructure improvements are a full revamp of utilities, bathrooms, and the kitchen. The fire sprinkler system implemented in 2010 will be retained.

Project Projected Costs
Mechanical, electrical and plumbing$300,000
Energy and thermal efficient design$150,000
Security, indoor life-saving systems$150,000
Service areas and dining room$150,000
Kitchen remodeling$100,000
Communications systems upgrade$25,000

Proposed Student Livability Improvements

Livability improvements include optimizing and increasing the number of study/sleeping rooms, a new gym, and enhancements to the bar, the entryway, and the back patio and gazebo.

Project Projected Costs
Study/sleeping rooms rehab $450,000
Electronic Learning Center/Reading Room and Fitness Center$400,000
Grand Stairway replacement $200,000
New study/sleeping rooms$150,000
Rathskeller rehab $150,000
Landscaping & outdoor lighting$75,000
Gazebo rehab$ 50,000
Parking lot improvements$50,000