Names of the Game

The Chapter Historian maintains our official (read: “noble and illustrious”) history. More amusing tales, if less appropriate for general conversation, are commemorated by the “Names of the Game.” Thumper constitutes our official oral (read: “vulgar and suitable for drunk conversations”) history.* Here follow the names of the game as recorded by Jason Cho '98 O-1512 and Henry McNulty '69 O-1043; registered members may also peruse their meanings. Please send corrections or additional information to [email protected].

  1. Thumper
  2. Igelbrink (1959)
  3. Hopscotch (~1963)
  4. F--k You (~1963)
  5. Masonville (~1967)
  6. Botbyl May Be White Someday (~1970)
  7. Brady Has a Prelim (1972)
  8. S--t On Old Al Hieger's Face (1977)
  9. Msagro (1984)
  10. Boz's D--k Has No Eyes (1986)
  11. Hilsey Built a Fire (1988)
  12. Hokey-Pokey (1989)
  13. Fonzalingus (1992)
  14. Helmy's A-s Water (1995)
  15. MK Called His Girlfriend (1996)
  16. Anti-Mug-and-Jug (1998)
  17. Donny Got Fingered (2005)

* While the playing of drinking games by chapter members is nowadays prohibited by fraternity rules, we see no harm in continuing the tradition of assigning names of the game.