An Omicron Friend

From the Omicron Oracle, December 1976

One of the closest friends of Omicron in the past year has been our cook, Raymond Melton. It is an understatement to say that Ray is more than a good cook to the brothers. He takes an active role in many of our activities and spends many long hours preparing for special weekends such as CHristmas and Homecoming, as those who were here can testify. He also helps organize a project with Ithaca's South Side Communitv Center near Christmas in which twenty or twenty-five underpriveleged children come up to decorate the house tree and enjoy a hot dinner. Needless to say, the house would be lacking something without Ray's presence.

Ray was born and raised in Ithaca and enjoys living in this area. He worked in Ithaca for a time as a cook at Ithaca College before he moved to Pennsylvania. There he continued cooking at Westchester Teachers College before becoming a cook and manager at Dewey’s, a spot in the city of brotherly love. He returned to Ithaca in 1973 where he was employed at Morse Chain where he worked until he received his present position at Lambda Chi Alpha. In less than a year and a half he has become a fixture at Omicron and "doesn't plan on ever leaving."

Ray enjoys working with the brothers at Omicron and is looking forward to working in the new kitchen planned to be ready for next semester. When asked about the long hours he puts in before a big weekend he says he enioys the work and that it makes it worthwhile when he sees visiting brothers enjoying themselves. He was especially grateful when he was told the meals "were never like this before", as he feels he has then added something important to the house. He wishes to make certain that all brothers are welcome anytime to stop in and enjoy themselves, not having to worry about where they can get a good meal in town. It is not often a fraternity can find a cook who is really interested and takes part in house events, and we at Omicron are fortunate enough to have the best in Big Ray Melton.

Mark Hallock