Alumni E-mail Lists


ISWZA-L is the general alumni mailing list of Omicron Zeta of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, at Cornell University. Originally created Jan 12, 1995, ISWZA-L is established in order to facilitate communication among and foster mutual interest among its subscribers, in accordance with the ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha and ISWZA. Membership is restricted to alumni, honorary, and associate alumni brothers in good standing.

ISWZA-L is hosted on Cornell University’s Lyris e-list system and managed by Bros. Jason Cho '98 and Mark Fernau ’82.

Volume is low, with rarely more than one or two messages distributed per week. Members are invited to contribute personal news, event announcements, fraternity stories, information requests regarding brothers, employment or networking opportunities, or other articles of specific interest to Cornell Lambda Chi’s.

Joining and leaving ISWZA-L


To join, use the form below:

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If you are behind a corporate firewall and the form above times out, you can also subscribe via email. Simply send a message to with a blank subject line and the word “join” in the body. You must send this message from the e-mail address where you want to receive e-mail from ISWZA-L.


Use the link provided in each list-distributed email to unsubscribe, or use this form:

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To leave the list by email, send a plain text message to with a blank subject line and the word “leave” in the body.


A Lyris FAQ is available from Cornell Information Technologies outlining additional features, such as receiving lists in digest format or changing your e-mail address.

Participating on the list

To send to the list, send your message as an ordinary e-mail to The list is not currently actively moderated, so we ask that brothers use discretion.

Don’t offend

  • ISWZA-L is not a secure forum; non-subscribers such as network administrators can read all postings. Do not send credit card numbers or passwords by e-mail. Additionally, do not write about the Ritual, the esoteric mottoes of the fraternity, or other fraternity secrets.
  • avoid messages that may be taken as political, religious, hateful, or pornographic in nature.
  • Send personally authored e-mail only. For example, writing a message about your new job as a product manager or campaign staffer is acceptable. Sending ISWZA-L the marketing newsletter for the product or the position paper for the candidate is not.
  • avoid sending attachments of any kind.

Don’t be offended

  • E-mail mixes the casualness of banter and the power of the written word with the immediacy of online communication. It can be difficult to convey and to interpret an intended tone.
  • Cornell, Cornell students, and the Cornell fraternity system are constantly evolving, and Omicron Zeta has adapted to remain strong. Practices and traditions will change, but this change does not alter or diminish the core value of brotherhood.
  • An atmosphere of political correctness stifles discourse. Address e-mails you find problematic directly with the poster, not with the entire list.

ISWZA-L is not a substitute for the Omicron Oracle (Omicron Records Office, P.O. Box 876, Ithaca, NY 14850). Unless specifically requested, address and telephone information made available over ISWZA-L will not be reported to Cornell University, Lambda Chi Alpha International Headquarters, or Stewart Howe Alumni Service.

ISWZA Directors

The ISWZA Directors mailing list distributes announcements, reports, minutes, and other information related to official business of ISWZA Fraternity, Inc. Membership is required of all alumni and undergraduate directors, and recommended for honorary directors.

We Are Omicron Zeta of ΛΧΑ

The Cornell University chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has represented true brotherhood on the Hill since 1913.
We bring together our rich local traditions with the strength of one of the largest national fraternities. We live our open motto, Vir Quisque VirEvery Man a Man.
Find us at Edgemoor, our newly renovated house on Cascadilla Gorge, at 125 Edgemoor Lane, Ithaca, New York 14850.